June 25, 2023

Mabrey + Ethan

This engagement session started out innocent enough. Mabrey and Ethan were actually doing me a favor by being a model couple for me so I could get some fresh content for a venue I've started working closely with, Mountain View Farms in Ashville, Al. I had a sneaky feeling that upon their agreeing to help me in this way, Ethan would decide that he wanted to propose to Mabrey. That's exactly what happened!! It was so exciting! 
Together with the venue, Mabreys' mom, sister and Ethan, we put our heads together to figure out a way to keep things low key so we didn't give Mabrey any ideas of what was taking place.  The weather was not favorable that day and I raced to move up the session time in order to beat the approaching storms. Thankfully we only had to wait in our cars for about 10 minutes during the shoot until the rains and lightning passed.
I methodically moved Ethan and Mabrey around the property with the final location being under the venues' landmark oak tree, The Wedding Tree. This would be the location of Ethans' proposal! It worked! Near the end of our "fake engagement session" we reached the giant oak tree and with the low swaging limbs all around them, Ethan dropped to a knee and presented Mabrey with a stunning diamond ring! It all fell into place beautifully! 
Mabrey was overcome with beautiful emotion as was Ethan. The venue owner, Jeff, was able to be present and caught the whole thing on Facebook Live so that all of their friends and family could be present virtually. It was so exciting!!
Mabrey and Ethan would later arrive back at her family home welcomed by a carefully planned engagement party. What a dream proposal!

Below is the gallery of this amazing surprise proposal! I hope you enjoy it!

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